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Tuesday Things

1.  My Royals are in the World Series, and currently not doing so well in the 1st game.  I can’t watch….

2. I am just getting one of my dogs over a severe skin infection due to fall allergies, and now there is something wrong with one of the legs on the other one.  Can’t win this year with my dogs!

3.  Nothing exciting happened at lunch… today anyway.

4.  Ran the stairs at the Liberty Memorial.  I’m getting further and further out of shape.  Either that, or the lung damage is getting worse.

5. Today was actually pretty boring….

Things seen at lunch today

1. A shoplifter at CVS being escorted to a police car in handcuffs
2. A man yelling crazy shit at people. He told a man he was going to be thrown in a Siberian prison where it was 60 below and 100 mile an hour winds. Then he said laugh that off motherfucker!
3. Saw a man whose face was over 90% covered with a strawberry/wine birthmark
4. Saw a guy that could have been ice T’s twin

Have I mentioned how much I love working downtown?