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10 Things or Thinks for Wednesday

1.  Had salad, grapes, and cottage cheese for dinner.

2. Ran the stairs around The Liberty Memorial twice tonight

3. A house exploded 2.5 miles from my house tonight… it’s still breaking news.  Don’t know what happened, but we felt it here and it made my dogs bark.

4. Got over a SEVERE case of PMS today.  It was so intense I PHYSICALLY felt it lifting today.  It’s been a rough couple days.

5.  Tomorrow is my Friday this week.

6.  Spent $77 at the store and barely got anything.  Eating healthy is EXPENSIVE.

7.  The organic Honeycrisp apples are in!

8. has the best prices on dog food that i’ve found

9.  I’m going to bed as soon as I think of one more thing

10.  I think I need a second job, but not sure where I’d find the time…. guess I can quit sleeping for a few months…..