Singular: being out of the ordinary
Synonyms: curious, extraordinary, funny, odd, offbeat, peculiar, queer, rare, strange, uncommon, unique, weird
Related Words: bizarre, eccentric, far-out, outlandish, outré, way-out; aberrant, abnormal, exceptional, irregular; notable, particular, remarkable
Notions: small useful items
Synonyms: novelties, odds and ends, sundries
Related Words: bauble(s), bric-a-brac, gewgaws, knickknacks, trinkets; hodgepodge, miscellany, variety
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Here’s the buyguy I left in Key West.  The little guy can witness the millions of tourists that walk that waterfront every year, and he’s staring right at a couple of the more popular booths for booking sailing/party boat rides.  He’s gonna see ALL KINDS of action! Unfortunately, due to my forgetfulness and the weather, I didn’t get to leave one in Savannah (or any of the million other places I stopped at on my roadtrip)